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A programmatic approach to the spatial dimensions of recruiting over time

Web scraping, text processing, mapping, and exploratory spatial data analysis

Mostly for my own future reference, but this may benefit others too

A beginner’s (or lurker’s) guide to extending the ultimately extensible text editor

Your life could be easier. Much easier.


At UW - Eau Claire, in Fall 2018 I’m teaching:

  • GEOG-435 Geographic Information Systems III
  • GEOG-337 Geographic Information Systems II
  • GEOG-111 Human Geography

In the past at UW - Eau Claire, I’ve also taught:

  • GEOG-335 Geographic Information Systems I

At Oklahoma State I’ve been the instructor of record in:

  • GEOG-1113: Introduction to Cultural Geography
  • GEOG-1114: Introduction to Physical Geography (lecture)
  • GEOG-1114: Introduction to Physical Geography (lab)

I’ve also taught periodically in:

  • GEOG-2344: Digital Tools for Environmental Exploration
  • GEOG-5343: Advanced GIS: Resource Management Applications
  • GEOG-3333: Spatial Analysis
  • GEOG-4383: Intro to GIS Programming
  • GEOG-3123: Urban Geography

I’ve been a guest speaker in:

  • MATH-2890: High Performance Computing in Mathematics
  • GEOG-5001: Professional Development in Geography


  • 715.836.2316
  • Phillips Science Hall 254, Department of Geography and Anthropology, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI, 54701
  • By appointment