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Location-based social media (LBSM), a specific type of volunteered geographic information (VGI), is increasingly being used as a spatial data source for researchers in geography and related disciplines. Many questions, though, have been raised about VGI data in terms of its quality and its contributors.
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Urban areas located in Tornado Alley are consistently threatened by severe weather. Tornado sirens are commonly utilized by local governments to inform citizens of approaching danger. Geographic Information System (GIS)-based analyses have provided a practical means by which to assess the spatial extent and coverage of siren networks.

Recent Publications

  • Location based social media behavior and perception: Views of university students

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  • GIS-based modeling of tornado siren sound propagation: Refining spatial extent and coverage estimations

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At Oklahoma State I’ve been the instructor of record in:

  • GEOG-1113: Introduction to Cultural Geography
  • GEOG-1114: Introduction to Physical Geography (lecture)
  • GEOG-1114: Introduction to Physical Geography (lab)

I’ve also taught periodically in:

  • GEOG-2344: Digital Tools for Environmental Exploration
  • GEOG-3123: Urban Geography

I’ve been a guest speaker in:

  • MATH-2890: High Performance Computing in Mathematics
  • GEOG-5001: Professional Development in Geography
  • GEOG-4383: Intro to GIS Programming